What should I know before signing up as a WP Buffs affiliate?

A few key reasons you should work with us!

We don't just want to be another affiliate program for you. We're a fun-loving group of WordPress nerds who take our jobs seriously but not ourselves. If you check out our remote team on Instagram, get to know how much we care about the WordPress community and take a look at our diverse and talented team, you'll realize we're pretty dang cool.

Plus, we run a strong affiliate program catered towards making our affiliates successful.

  • Earn 10% lifetime commissions: When you refer a client to WP Buffs, you’ll get paid every single month while their care plan is active.
  • Clients work with us for 29 months (average): Our average customer keeps their care plan for 29 months. That means 29 monthly payments per referral.
  • Automatic payouts: Having to request every payout is lame. Your earnings are paid automatically via PayPal after your referrals have completed their first month.
  • 60-day tracking code: We provide 60-day tracking cookies to ensure you get credited for the sale, even when customers don’t convert right away.
  • Make more referring agencies: Referring agencies, freelancers or owners of multiple websites has a crazy multiplier effect on your affiliate income.