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Do you offer custom development?

Yes at $100/hr & as an add-on to our website management subscriptions.

We do offer custom development for larger projects that are outside the scope of our website management subscriptions.

Custom development is $100/hr. 

Our team will always try to make changes to your website(s) as simply as possible. That means we'll avoid custom development whenever possible to keep your website itself simple. And if something does truly require custom development, we'll follow the procedure below. 

The process for custom development

  1. You'll submit an edit request that our team decides requires custom development.
  2. Our engineers will email you with an accurate estimate for how much time we think it will take with regards to hours.
  3. Once you give us the green light to move forward, your credit card on file will be charged for those hours and our team will complete the project with any additional questions during development directed to you via email.

Next steps