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Do you manage staging sites in addition to live sites?


 If your website has advanced functionality, we'll do all plugin, theme, and core file updates on your staging server. Once everything has been updated successfully, we'll push those changes to your live site to avoid any downtime.

  • If you have access to a staging site through your hosting provider, we're happy to manage that staging area.
  • If not, WP Buffs will provide you complete access to a staging site our team will create for you.

Do you have a process for pushing data from staging to production without overwriting production member data (e.g Membership, eCommerce, and Learning Management Systems)?

In these cases, we don’t do a full website push from a staging environment.

We selectively choose what needs to be pushed based on what was changed. Some things may be manually copied over if it’s database-related, such as content.

If the changes made were only to files, such as testing, we can choose to only push the files to the live version of your website.

Staging websites should only be used for testing or short-term edits. We don’t recommend using a staging site for more than 24 hours. This is to mitigate overwriting production site data.

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