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How does WP Buffs help me sell care plans?

We provide plenty of resources in our Partner Hub (which you'll gain access to once you're onboard) to help white-label partners sell care plans to their current clients and new ones as well.

  • Email sequence templates to upsell current clients and generate new leads. 
  • Free white-labeled speed and security eBooks you can add to your website and use as lead magnets.
  • We also provide a thorough guide to help people create their own contracts to work with new clients. This can help protect both your company and your clients and we'll help guide you in building one that's perfect for you.
  • Our Partner Hub has marketing tips, advice on community and audience building, great SaaS tools to grow your business, and much, much more!

All white-label partners are responsible for acquiring their own clients. White-label partners can resell our website management subscriptions at any price that makes sense to them.

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