Do you manage my hosting environment as part of my care plan?


Why we ask for hosting login credentials

When you sign up to work with us, WP Buffs asks for login details to your hosting provider to make sure:

  • we can help in emergency situations in the rare case your website goes down
  • we always have multiple ways to access your website (through hosting, FTP, WordPress dashboard)

But we can help around hosting

That being said, our team can provide hosting-related support if you ask for it! That includes things like:

  • opening a support ticket with the support team on your behalf
  • making some hosting optimizations to help with speed optimization
  • implementing hosting-side WordPress applications (CDN, caching, etc)
  • working directly with the hosting company to address an issue you may not understand

What our website management subscriptions DON'T include

  • fully managing a dedicated or private server
  • AWS server management
  • managing major outages or hosting challenges that are the responsibility of your hosting company

We suggest our clients avoid significant hosting issues entirely by teaming up with one of the fully managed WordPress hosts listed here.

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