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Can WP Buffs help me migrate to a faster host?

Yes, although we don't perform the migration directly!

While our team doesn't actively perform migrations, we do partner with a select group of hosting companies who are experts in this area. All our recommended hosting providers perform migrations for free if you decide to host your website(s) with them.

We've worked alongside all our preferred hosting providers for years so we can confidently vouch for their hosting quality, customer support and focus on performance and security.

Our team will be happy to recommend the hosting provider who we think will best fit your websites' specific needs (including wanting the site to load faster). Once you sign up with your new hosting provider, we'll work with them and you to oversee your migration. Their migration team will execute the migration but our team will ensure everything moves over smoothly with no downtime.

Once the migration is complete, we'll take over management of your hosting environment for optimization to make sure your website is maximizing it's new, fast server!

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