How does WP Buffs perform plugin, theme and core file updates?

WP Buffs updates plugins, themes and core files on every website we manage. This includes:

  1. a full battery of testing before updates are made (when necessary)
  2. executing updates using our safe procedure
  3. troubleshooting after updates have been made to ensure all designs and functionality are intact

Full backups done before updates

Before we start the process of executing a set of updates, our engineers will perform an extra full backup of your core files and database. Safety first!

Our engineers perform WordPress updates on a weekly basis.

This is actually safer from a security standpoint than daily updates because it avoids the situation of updating a plugin or theme after a developer has accidentally released a new version with a security bug.

They are safely handled by WP Buffs during low-traffic hours

This ensures that any possible issues around updates wouldn't adversely affect your site when the majority of people are active.

Updates can be done on staging first

We're also happy to perform the updates on your staging server before pushing them live for another layer of security if you'd like us to.

This is especially helpful for websites with advanced functionality like WooCommerce, membership, etc.

What about premium plugins from 3rd party developers?

We will gladly perform the necessary plugin updates to any previously purchased or future purchased plugins, for example, WooCommerce Subscriptions.  You can either give us the logins to the account of the plugin you purchased or you can send us the updated file and license via WeTransfer or similar. We just need the plugin and licenses to update it.

We will not purchase or pay for any premium plugins or licenses on your behalf, you will need to do this directly with the plugin developer.

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