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How should I price white-label care plans to make them profitable?

Start by using our standard pricing and experiment from there!

The first thing to know is we have lots of resources for this!

  • When you officially join us as a white-label partner, you'll get full access to our Partner Hub with plenty of resources on how to price your care plans correctly. 
  • You'll also have direct access to our Partner Success Team. They help our white-label partners directly to implement pricing that will allow you to scale a profitable business alongside our white-label program. 

Recommended pricing to start at

How you price your white-label care plans depends on a lot of factors.

  • The quality of your clients
  • How long you've worked with clients
  • Your reputation
  • Your sales abilities
  • And a lot more

We usually recommend new white-label partners price their care plans at the same price point you see on the WP Buffs pricing page

  • Perform: $197/mo
  • Protect: $147/mo
  • Maintain: $67/mo

This will allow you to make a solid profit margin on each care plan you resell because as a white-label partner, you get 20% off all our pricing!

If you have great sales skills, fantastic relationships with your clients or simply work with high-budget folks, you can resell at a higher price point. The higher the price point your clients agree to, the bigger margin you'll earn from reselling our care plans.

How does this work in practice?

  1. You sell our Perform Plan to a client.
  2. Your client pays you $197/mo for this Perform Plan.
  3. You pay us 20% off $197/mo = $157/mo for this Perform Plan.
  4. You make ~$500/yr profit from selling that Perform Plan and letting WP Buffs handle all the ongoing website management.
  5. You make reselling care plans a core part of your business and scale up to 100 white-label Perform Plans. That's $50,000/yr of profits coming from an area of your business you don't have to dedicate any time to.

If this price point seems to high for your client base and something you think they'd balk at, we may not be the best fit for you! A technical WordPress partner with lower priced, less premium care plans may be a better option.

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