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Does my website require a Custom Plan or Custom Pro Plan?

Custom-built (or highly customized) websites required our advanced plans because of their level of complexity! That's where our Custom Plan and Custom Pro Plan come in. 

Websites built using out-of-the-box themes, plugins or page builders can be updated through regular updates provided by the developers of those products.

Custom websites require our engineering team at WP Buffs to manually updated custom areas of your website, a time- and resource-intensive process.

That's why these websites require a higher level plan! It's our job to make sure we take the best possible care of every website we manage and that means giving it the investment needed to keep it performant, secure and stable.

Your WordPress site requires our Custom Plan if...

  • the theme is custom-built
  • the theme files have been highly customized
  • the site is using any custom-built plugins
  • the site is using any highly customized plugins

You can use one of the tools listed here to see what theme your website is using. If it's named after your website or business, it's probably a custom-built theme!

If your website is using a custom-coded plugin OR a developer added any custom code to a plugin to give it new functionality, that's probably a custom plugin!

Your WordPress site requires our Custom Pro Plan if...

Any of the above points are true AND the website has advanced functionality.

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