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What kind of security coverage do you provide?

WP Buffs has partnered with iThemes Security Pro and BlogVault to bring premium WordPress security to your website(s) for free under our website management subscription.

During your onboarding process, we’ll implement the premium plugins and optimize them for your unique site to give you the best possible protection.

• Daily Cloud Backups • Block Fake google Crawlers
• SSL Certificate • Daily Database Optimization
• Brute Force Protection • Verify Trusted Sources
• Custom Login URL • Daily Malware Scan
• Weekly Plugin & Theme Scan • Real-Time Monitoring
• Manage Inactive Plugins • IP Tracking
• 2-Factor Authentification • Comment Spam Filtering
• Force Secure Passwords • DNS Change Alerts
• Database Protection • File Permissions
• Install a Firewall • Daily Link Scan

Premium security plugins are never simply installed and activated. Our team optimizes every setting and option to maximize security for your unique websites' design and functionality.

We'll also implement additional security measures across your WordPress dashboard and server as needed. While your hosting company is responsible for security on your server, our team will ensure everything is up to your standards there (and recommend upgraded hosting if necessary).

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