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How does WP Buffs speed up websites?

WP Buffs has partnered with WP Rocket and WP Smush Pro to bring premium WordPress performance to your website(s) for free under our website management subscription.

During your onboarding process, we’ll implement the premium plugins and optimize them for your unique site to give you the best possible protection.

• Optimize Images • Remove Query Strings
• Minify Javascript and CSS • Optimize Mobile Experience
• Render-Blocking Resources • Combine Requests
• Leverage Browser Caching • Lazy Loading Images
• Enable Compression • Inline Critical CSS
• Reduce Server Response Time • CDN Support

Through hours of manual optimization and the premium plugins mentioned above, we achieve loading times fast enough to have a significant positive impact on the websites we manage.

The exact process

  1. During onboarding, our team does a full audit of your website and hosting environment. This allows us to create and execute a unique plan for your website to significantly lower loading time. This can include a deep dive into things like the GTmetrix waterfall, Google Pagespeed Insights and Google Core Web Vitals.
  2. Our performance engineers will experiment and execute the necessary steps given your unique website and infrastructure to achieve significant progress in performance.
  3. Our support team will update you when we've made as much progress as possible under your current infrastructure.
  4. Sometimes additional progress can be made given additional infrastructure investment (a premium CDN, upgraded hosting environment, etc). If this is the case, we'll tell you our personal recommendations and help you move forward if you decided to take next steps.
  5. We also check and perform continued speed optimization on a regular basis. Getting your website to load quickly is one thing, but keeping it loading fast over the long-term is a real game-changer.

Balancing monetization and performance

Websites with a number of marketing plugins, serving Google Ads and monetization options do present a challenge when it comes to performance optimization.

While we may not be able to achieve perfect scores on these sites, our team is confident we can deliver positive and impactful results while maintaining your existing monetization options.

Next steps