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What if I need to upgrade, downgrade or cancel a white-label subscription?


To add a new white-label care plan to your account or upgrade an existing white-label subscription, you can submit the addition or upgrade in our Partner Hub.

Read: How do I add new white-label care plans to my account?


To downgrade an existing white-label subscription, use the same procedure as the upgrades section above. 


To cancel an existing white-label subscription, use the same procedure s the upgrades section above. This can take up to 1 business day after the cancellation is requested (and if a charge happens to come through during that time, we'll refund you immediately).

  • Remember, all upgrades are prorated. This simply means if you upgrade on July 15 and your white-label account is charged on July 30, you'll be charged for those 15 days AND the following month on July 30.
  • Downgrades are also prorated. When a white-label subscription is downgraded, you'll earn back the difference when your monthly invoices are due instead of paying the difference like you would for an upgrade.
  • Cancellations are allowed for yearly white-label subscriptions, although it's also possible to transfer a remainder of a yearly white-label subscription to another website.

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