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How does WP Buffs help me keep care plan clients and reduce churn?

Keeping clients on care plans is just as important as selling new ones. We provide a ton of resources to help you keep care plan churn to a minimum:

Weekly white-label reports

We send white-label reports every week  to you (or directly to your clients via your white-label email address) so they can stay updated with security scans, speed optimization, updates, etc. See sample white-label report.

Partner Hub

We give you access to our Partner Hub, where we provide a detailed email automation sequence to help you onboard new care plan clients. Great onboarding leads to long-term care plans!

Edit submission form

We give you step-by-step instructions on how to add a website edit submission form right to your website that sends requests directly to your white-label support desk.

Onboarding checklist

Our Partner Hub also has an internal onboarding checklist just for you! Don't forget any big requirement or small detail when a new client signs up.

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